Lianne Perry


Lianne, a seasoned Registered Clinical Counsellor based in Victoria, brings a wealth of experience to her practice. Her professional journey commenced with a Master of Science in Physical Education, specializing in Sport and Mental Performance, in 1999. Over the next two decades, she dedicated herself to various frontline and leadership roles at WestJet, culminating in her retirement in 2018.

Driven by a passion for mental well-being, Lianne transitioned to counseling, earning a master’s in counselling psychology in 2018. Grounded in a client-centered approach, she views clients as equal partners in the therapeutic process, facilitating the exploration of life’s stresses and challenges.

Lianne is a certified practitioner in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), employing this technique extensively in her work with individuals. Additionally, she is Level 3 trained in ‘Gottman Couples’ Therapy, offering support to couples navigating their relationships.

Emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind and body, Lianne is dedicated to helping individuals realize their highest potential. She provides a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation for new clients and conducts sessions online through a privacy law-compliant video platform. Appointments can be booked at here.


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